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Welcome to Asum UK, a charity dedicated to empowering communities throughout the world via education, food, clean water, safe housing, and environmental protection. We think that everyone, regardless of circumstance, deserves the opportunity to fulfill their greatest potential. Our aim is to invest in communities' futures by providing them with high-quality education and services.

Our work focuses on four key areas:

📚 Education

We provide quality education to help people break the cycle of poverty in their communities. We construct Education Centers to provide people with educational opportunities that they would not otherwise have.

🍲 Food

We help individuals in need by providing food and hampers. Nobody should go to bed hungry or worried about what they will eat the next day. We can ensure that people get the nourishment they need to grow and flourish with your help.

💧 Clean water

Safe drinking water is essential for good health, but many communities lack this basic necessity. We are committed to drilling wells and boreholes to provide safe and clean drinking water for families and communities.

🏠 Safe homes

Individuals' well-being and future success depend on having a safe and stable home. We create houses to help and empower communities, allowing vulnerable people to establish a better future.

We are also dedicated to environmental preservation. Planting Hope is a project that plants trees to tackle environmental issues like deforestation, soil erosion, and desertification, ensuring a healthier Earth for future generations.

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Empowering Africa through Essential Resources

At Asum UK, we know the value of investing in African communities so that individuals can fulfill their full potential. Our humanitarian effort in Africa focuses on providing critical resources such as education, food, clean water, and safe housing. We think that by addressing these basic requirements, we can assist individuals in breaking the cycle of poverty and creating a better future for themselves and their family.


Providing Clean Water to African Communities

We also know that clean water is a fundamental requirement for good health. That is why, as part of our humanitarian activity in Africa, we dig wells and boreholes to provide communities with access to clean water. We think that by giving individuals and communities with access to clean water, we can help enhance their health and well-being. Asum UK is dedicated to make a positive difference in people's lives, and we will continue to endeavor to provide crucial resources to those in need.


Assisting Local Communities in the UK

In addition to our global activities, Asum UK is committed to assisting people in need in the United Kingdom. We recognize that people in our communities demand assistance, whether it is access to education, food, or other fundamental necessities.

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Asum UK's Sponsorship Program

One way we help individuals in the UK is by granting scholarships to deserving students. We believe that education is a key instrument for breaking the cycle of poverty, and we want to make sure that every student gets the chance to fulfill their full potential. Our sponsorship program gives financial assistance to students who would not otherwise be able to pursue higher education.

Registered UK Charity: 1186636

Constitution of a charitable Incorporated Organisation

Founder & Trustee: Raheen Mahomed Haroon Mussa

53a Kitchener Road, Leicester, LE5 4AU

Contact: donations@asum.uk

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