Elhamdulillah - Qurbani 2023

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With 35 years of expertise across 48 African countries, we fulfill your Waajib Qurbani obligation anytime. Our service connects you to those in need, empowering lives. Trust us with your Qurbani, Sadaqah, and Aqeeqah to make a meaningful impact.

Transparency is our commitment, providing videos and seeking your power of attorney. Together, let's bridge hearts and empower lives.

Asum UK - Helping you to help others

Unleashing Compassion, Inspiring Change



Asum UK is an organization aiming to support Muslims around the world in need. They collect aid in areas of education, food, clean water, and secure housing. Asum UK, which drills wells in Africa, educates students in accordance with the Sunni tradition, and performs animal sacrifices according to Islamic practices, has sent 1,000 containers to the Maraş-Hatay earthquake zone in 2023. The goal of Asum UK is to gain Allah's favor and strengthen Muslim brotherhood.

"Indeed, with hardship, there is relief." - Quran 94:5

A sacred tradition of sacrifice, compassion, and generosity. Embrace the spirit of selflessness, share blessings, and uplift lives. 
Together, let's make a positive difference. Donate Now!

Impactful Change

Make a significant impact across 48 African countries by donating to Asum UK.

Transparent Utilization

Gain peace of mind with video proof of how your donation is utilized.

Comprehensive Services

Fulfill your religious obligations and support meaningful causes with Asum UK's range of offerings.

Asum UK - Helping you to help others

Empower. Impact. Donate.

Every act of kindness has the power to ignite hope, heal hearts, and change lives. Embrace compassion today and make a difference that lasts a lifetime. Together, we can create a world filled with love, understanding, and endless possibilities.
  • Empower Lives with Blessings, InshaAllah

  • Bring Lasting Change, Illuminate Souls

  • Serve the Needy, Earn Divine Rewards

Asum UK's transformative work reaches across the globe, bringing hope to all. Alhamdulillah!

Fatima, London

Asum UK'nun hızlı ve kusursuz hizmeti beni etkiledi. Qurbani videosunu Ankara'ya hızlıca gönderdiler. Minnettarım! Allah Razi Olsun

Esra, Ankara

Asum UK'nun küresel etkisi beni etkiledi. Güvenilirlikleri ve şeffaflıkları eşsizdir. MashaAllah!

Mustafa, Berlin

Asum UK's global reach and unwavering transparency have earned my trust. Their impact is SubhanAllah remarkable!

Aisha, New York



🤲 Your Questions Answered

How to make a Sacrifice Donation?

By donating the qurbani online, you will be able to perform the sacrifice effortlessly through our institution, which ensures that it is duly slaughtered and distributed to those in need. You can make your payment by credit card.

Is there a difference in the wajib and voluntary sacrifice donations?

When giving a power of attorney for the sacrificed victim, the details of the power of attorney should be expressed more carefully. Determine your intention well in donating wajib and nafilah sacrifices. After the payment, the process of obtaining a power of attorney and delivering the slaughtering order to the relevant region is the same in both cases. Video feedback is given within 48 hours after the sacrifice. However, after the obligatory sacrifice service, only SMS notification is made due to the intensity.

Do I Give Power of Attorney When I Make My Sacrifice Donation Through Online Payment From Your Website?

When you make your sacrifice donation via online payment, your request is received by our call center. As soon as possible, our officers will call you and get your power of attorney.

Sacrifice Donation Prices

Sacrifice donation prices are $100 and vary from time to time depending on the conditions in the region.

When is the Healing Sacrifice Cut?

It is a sacrifice that is sacrificed in order to seek healing from Allah Almighty in the event of an illness. It doesn't have any time.

My Vow Has Not Been Fulfilled, Should I Cut It?

When you make a vow and your wish is fulfilled, the sacrifice becomes obligatory for you. Otherwise it won't

Can I cut the votive sacrifice before my vow is fulfilled?

A votive sacrifice is a sacrifice made for the purpose of worshiping Allah Almighty for something we want to happen. You can also sacrifice your votive sacrifice before your request is fulfilled. This will certainly contribute to the acceptance of our prayer. However, in this case, it becomes obligatory to cut it again when your request is fulfilled.

Where are donations made?

Both your wajib and nafilah sacrifices are slaughtered in Africa under the supervision of our association, in accordance with Islamic procedures and sensitivities.

When Is Aqeeqah Sacrifice?

The Akika sacrifice is sacrificed from the 7th day of birth, in gratitude for the birth of a child. It is recommended to sacrifice 2 sacrifices for a boy and 1 for a girl.