Every Drop of Clean Water, A Better Life

Water is the secret of life, but in many parts of Africa, meeting this vital need means a new struggle every day. As Asum UK Association, we opened water wells to be with the people there in this difficult struggle and to reach the hearts that long for water. Each water well is a new source of hope for the people there.

With every well we drill, our eyes witness the shining faces of children and the hopeful eyes of mothers. For them, clean water means not only quenching their thirst, but also opening the door to a healthy life and a bright future. This is a source of great happiness and pride for us.

Asum UK Association’s Struggle for Water, the Source of Life in Africa

Beyond meeting a basic need of life, our wells offer a wide range of opportunities from education to economic development. Children can now continue their education in an environment with clean water, women and mothers can raise their families in healthy conditions. In addition to improving the lives of individuals, this change has a positive impact on communities at large.

The knowledge and participation of the local community is indispensable for us in the realization of our projects. Working with them increases the sustainability and effectiveness of the wells we drill. As Asum UK Association, we will continue to work with all our strength to find permanent solutions to the water crisis in Africa and draw attention to this important issue.

Every drop of clean water means a better life. We are determined to spread these life-giving water wells all over Africa. As Asum UK Association, we are taking our place in this struggle by drilling water wells and touching more lives.

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