Qurban Activities

The hot lands of Africa are one of the places where aid and solidarity are felt most strongly. As Asum UK Association, in addition to Eid al-Adha, we slaughter adaq, aqiqa, shifa, shukr and nafil qurbans throughout the year and deliver them to those in need. Each of our activities reminds us once again the importance of reaching out to people in need, sharing and putting a smile on their faces.

In this process, reaching our brothers and sisters in Africa, supporting communities struggling to survive and seeing the hope in their eyes is a source of indescribable happiness for us. The satisfaction on people’s faces as we distribute the meat from the qurbans reminds us that every kind of aid is not just a meal, but also a beacon of hope.

These activities we carry out as Asum UK Association serve as a bridge that unites hearts beyond physical aid. We act with the awareness of how valuable each aid is for a family in need. In this process, we have the chance to experience these beauties together with our volunteers and supporters who support us.

Our aid activities not only enable us to establish a deep connection with our brothers and sisters in Africa, but also encourage more people to join the aid mobilization. Our Qurban distribution activities remind the whole world of the importance of sharing and solidarity.

As Asum UK Association, we know that with our year-round Qurban slaughtering and relief activities, our aid not only meets physical needs, but is also a light of hope that warms hearts. In this journey, the support of each and every one of you is very valuable to us.

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