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Asum UK: Building a Brighter Future

At Asum UK, we believe that every individual should have the opportunity to reach their full potential, no matter the circumstances. We are committed to building a brighter future by empowering communities around the world. Our mission is to invest in the future of communities by providing high quality education and vital services.



Through education grants, we support the education of children and young people, shaping their bright futures.


With food donations, we fight hunger and increase social welfare by meeting basic nutritional needs.

Water Well

With water well donations, we improve access to water and increase health and quality of life by providing access to clean water.


With orphanage donations, we provide a loving home for vulnerable children and support their growth in a healthy and safe environment.


By donating saplings, we protect the environment, support natural life and leave a green world for future generations.


With circumcision donations, we increase access to healthcare services and contribute to the healthy growth and development of children.