• Addressing Root Causes: Lasting Solutions

    Tackling poverty's underlying factors for sustainable change.

  • Accessible Healthcare: Promoting Well-being

    Making healthcare and wellness available to all.

  • Empowering Education: Creating Bright Futures

    Providing knowledge and skills for a better tomorrow.

  • Strengthening Communities: Building Resilience

    Supporting local initiatives for community strength.

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Make Your Obligatory Qurbani Donation

🐏 Fulfill Your Wajib/Qurbani Udhija

Asum UK is now collecting your Qurbani donations to help those in need during the blessed days of Eid al-Adha. Make your obligatory Qurbani Udhija donation with us, and together, we can spread joy and blessings to deserving families across the globe. Act now and fulfil your duty to Allah and your fellow human beings.

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🌟 Building Hope

Every year, we build orphanages to provide struggling children with a safe place to call home. Your contribution allows us to make informed decisions about where to build and who most needs our assistance.

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🏠 Empowering Futures

We help orphaned children gain independence and security by providing educational support. Education is a powerful tool that breaks the cycle of poverty and creates a pathway to success.

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🌳 Planting Hope

Every tree planted by Planting Hope makes a difference. Your contribution contributes to a healthier planet for coming generations by combating deforestation, soil erosion, and desertification in Africa.

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🚰 Build Your Own Water Well

Donate to build your own water well, choose the name, and make a bigger impact for Africa.

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